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elite embossed serie steel door
Elite Embossed Serie
elite alpi serie steel door
Elite Alpi Serie
elite laminate serie steel door
Elite Laminate Serie
elite pvc serie steel door
Elite PVC Serie
elite laminox embossed serie steel door
Elite Laminox Embossed Serie
ultralam serie steel door
Ultralam Serie
dual color laminox serie steel door
Dual Color Laminox Serie
one color laminox serie steel door
One Color Laminox Serie
rustic laminox serie steel door
Rustic Laminox Serie
rustic panel serie steel door
Rustic Panel Serie
classic panel serie steel door
Classic Panel Serie
classic pompom serie steel door
Classic Pompom Serie
classic copper serie steel door
Classic Copper Serie
sheet panel serie steel door
Sheet Panel Serie
fire exit doors serie
Fire Exit Doors Serie
special edition serie steel door
Special Edition Serie
special villa doors serie steel door
Special Villa Doors Serie
özel villa kapıları


We all dream of a peaceful and trustworthy home. Looking to the future with hope is possible with a safe living place. Tight family structures and kinship ties the old neighbourhoods have been replaced by family structures and kinship ties, which have varied. the sense of neighbourhood that we entrusted our children to at the time leaves its place to the unrecognized. The desire to live and be safe is the fundamental right of every individual. This right-abiding understanding is obliged to do what is necessary, so it should start by making the living areas reliable. Especially after the transition to settled life, living areas have become places where, apart from housing, their trappings and material possessions are protected. As a matter of fact, no matter how much we protect our financial income, the factors that affect bad intentions undermine this understanding.

The Importance Of Steel Door Selection In Making Living Spaces Safe

Just as the wall is the most important source of trust for a castle, the steel door is the most important source of security for a nest. Choosing a quality steel door as the basic concept of a peaceful home and raising healthy and safe generations into the future is the first move that can be made. Steel door models that functionally accommodate many safety kits should be preferred. Models that can appeal to any age group should be the priority choice, as well as the requirements that are easy to use as functional. Our experienced staff and our company dedicated years to safety will adopt the experience of making your living spaces safe as a principle. Making living spaces safe is basically a symbol of freedom as well as a means of countering those who want to interfere with your freedom. Stay safe and those who try to interfere with your freedom stay out.

Features of Our Steel Doors

Offering the best quality steel to its users, the Luxury Steel Door protects your security with its ergonomic and affordable opportunities. The steel profile, which reaches 3.5 mm in places in the mechanisms where security pins are located, is the biggest indicator of how much security is considered. The metal parts, which become suitable with the coating that is manufactured on demand, will maximize the visuality while protecting your home. It is coated with Reinforced steel armor against any external threats (punching and cutting). With the wooden elegance and optional accessories, the standard 180 degree binoculars will add dimension to your security. Our products, which are produced in accordance with ISO 9001 and TSE standards, are designed using adjustable hinges. Since the steel door wings are designed using inelastic materials, the resistance and nobility of the steel make every door stronger. The hinges are without welding and there is no material chamber that can be removed from the outside.

Why Should Steel Doors Be Preferred?

• Steel door is safer in terms of protection and security than doors made of iron and wood origin made of normal profile.

• Steel door safety systems and the steel coatings on it show resistance against all hazards that may occur.

• Open playing and safety pins losses to be made in other doors are safer due to the closed and sheltered steel door modules.

• Steel door colors are designed by our company to suit the design of your home. This provides a visual advantage as well as security compared to other doors.

What Should Be Considered When Buying A Steel Door?

First of all, it should be asked whether steel door is produced according to size or standard. This allows the steel door to be fixed with stronger foundations. If a standard steel door is not proportional to the area to be installed, the sides are filled with filling material. This will ensure that when the power is applied to the door, it is not the security kits, but the complete case that is displaced. This does not constitute trust because all active safety pins will not have any effect. As a result of a measured security discovery made by our company, the product to be prepared for you will meet all your requirements.
A steel door sash is never flexed, a flexing steel door sash is not in compliance with the required standards. You should make sure that the hinges of the steel door models you prefer are not welded. Adjustable Alyan hinges should be preferred. A secure steel door must be TSE and ISO 9001 certified. Established and experienced staff with product-related questions you can answer clearly and with confidence, above all, Kayseri steel door Company, companies talk about quality, without compromising quality and should be preferred. While luxury steel door models played a major role in increasing the price of real estate, they are now a requirement and constitute the first step in security. Therefore, when choosing a steel door, the appearance as well as the security should be kept in the foreground with one click.

Our Steel Door Catalog and Product Scale

The steel door models created by processing the strongest steel are carefully prepared with our experienced staff and brought together with our valuable users at the most affordable prices. Our product catalog has been designed to meet the security requirements you want and is presented with an understanding that reflects the future by keeping pace with the changing technology and that does not break with the past. The coating industry, which brings new models to your feet, has enabled us to host different color and model options as well as ease of use. In order to get information about our products and raise awareness with detailed contents, you can contact our company officials and take advantage of our scale full of opportunities. You can choose the most suitable product for your budget from the steel door prices, you can have the best prices for security. Our product cartel is constantly updated and draws a more efficient portfolio for our users. You can find a quality product with steel door catalog selections.

Steel Door To Prevent Burglaries

Theft is a big problem in itself. To live a comfortable and reliable life. It's easier and safer with Luxury steel doors to go on holidays or hospitality without having to mind at home. By strengthening the safety pins, the steel body-mounted ducts start a more efficient safety adventure. Every day, our technicians who work to get better are developing ways to minimize the risk of theft. Kayseri steel door company, which sets out your standards among the dozens of products discovered, takes care of your ideas and brings your ideas to life. Our products are preferred not only in Turkey but all over the world. our dealerships in many different countries will be happy to serve you our valued customers.

We Provide Steel Door Service To The World

We are signing an understanding that will bring our Turkish steel doors together with the world. We brought our products to Kayseri market using organic materials. Our understanding is to increase safe efficiency all over the world. To address with one means to provide employment as a Portfolio from that province. We are proud of being a Kayseri steel door company with our experienced staff and craftsmanship. As our workmanship that reflects us makes people smile, we are looking for ways to be more productive, and we are taking great steps every day with the steel door systems we have developed. This journey, which started with a province, has strong steps by combining the principles of equity and clean workmanship. With strong steps, opening new doors, we overcome the awareness of opening safe and contemporary doors with security systems. Our products are known all over the world and are used safely.

Our Steel Doors Improve the Safety of Your Living Spaces

However, steel doors with high security features are one of the important details to help protect your living areas and loved ones. Therefore, we help you to choose the best and most secure door models within your budget.
If you are paying attention to visual quality and safety in your living areas, it will be helpful to start with door selection first. It is very important that the door you choose is compatible with the decoration in the House. In this context, you can easily make the most ideal choice by choosing this detail which is extremely important to our company. With visual quality and harmony and high security features to choose Luxury steel door company will suffice to choose. Steel door models that will be needed in Kayseri province and Turkey and even around the world can be realized with our expert employees. You can get information about luxury steel door models, you can take advantage of the best price advantages in the range of products with high quality and high safety features.

We Provide Professional Steel Door Service

Steel door models are available in multiple color options for our customers and in Turkey. It will be sufficient to contact us and meet with our expert staff in choosing Turkish steel doors. Our company, which provides professional services, assists you in the ideal selection of steel doors. You can get support from us for the right product selection with door models, lock systems, safe feature and door details. Today, there are many door options and you will need to use steel quality to increase the security of villas, residences, offices and office doors. You can choose to increase the safety of your living spaces by choosing the strength of the steel quality.
In addition to the services we provide in Turkey, we also offer steel door services to many countries in the Middle East, Europe and Asia

Our Quality Policy in Our Steel Doors

Steel door company, which provides the opportunity to find the right product by combining confidence with Grace, takes the rightful pride of making your slots sheltered. Our high-quality steel door models, which are shaped according to your wishes and capture an open momentum for development like minds that are open to development, highlight your privilege. We are carrying this day into the future with our skilled staff structure, experienced managers and specialized staff. We welcome you to meet unconditional security.